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About Anew

Is your wardrobe looking a little tired? Renew your look without paying new prices. Anew is designed for women and teens in the Fox Valley who are discriminating shoppers, but also wish to be responsible in their spending. Anew is a boutique consignment shop, newly arrived to the Geneva retail scene. The store, located at 27 West State Street brings a new concept to the old consignment idea.

The owners are avid supporters of local artisans; giving back to the community; and of course, recycling. They feature the merchandise of local artisans, including unique bags created by CooperSong which fulfills the re-use niche quite well. CooperSong's bag handles are made of recycled bicycle inner tubes. The fabrics are new, but bolt-end material from fabric stores. Some of the bags are even accented with recycled baseballs.

The boutique offers an attractive outlet for consignors as well as shoppers Consignors wishing to generate some cash from stylish, but underused items in their wardrobe are welcome to bring in seasonal clothing and accessories. Read more about Anew's Consignment Club here.

If it is time for you to view your wardrobe in Anew light, make plans to clean your closet and consigned those hardly used items. Consider subscribing to Anew's theme of reuse, recycle, renew. Unsold items will be donated to local charities.

Visit Anew and then spread the word to other discriminating shoppers who like to dress stylishly - while subscribing to a responsible shopping budget. It is refreshing to know that with regular visits to Anew, you'll continue to enjoy the uplifting feeling of wearing something new while still being conscientious about spending! What could be better than fabulous fashion and affordable pricing!