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Consignor Club Info

Consignments are welcomed:
Tuesday - Thursday during normal store hours
Friday - Saturday by appointment only

We are pleased you want to be a part of our shopping experience. ANEW is a boutique consignment shop offering new and pre-owned clothing for women and teens, specializing in high end fashion, designer handbags, jewelry and bridal.

Please call first to make sure that we are accepting items we sometimes fill up and stop taking items for a short time. We accept consignment on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and by appointment only on Friday and Saturday; No Exceptions. Please limit to 15 items per visit. To provide the best shopping experience for our customers' items must be in current season and style, not more than 3 years old.

This is a seasonal business spring and summer are accept approximately February through July and fall and winter accepted August through January. When you bring in your items we will select those that we believe our customers will buy and we will get the best prices possible for you. Successfully accepted items need to be dry cleaned, pressed, smoke-free, free of defects and ON HANGERS. Please be discriminating; eliminate items with visible defects because we will not accept those items. Any items found with defects and or stains after you have left them for consignment will be donated without further notice. We take every precaution to keep your items safe but we are not responsible for damaged or stolen items.

The consigned price is set by ANEW and based on the age, condition and original retail price of each item. We cannot guarantee prices. Revisions of the asking price may be made at the store's discretion. The term of the agreement is 60 days and items may be reduced 50%-75% after 30 days.

Consignors will receive 40% of the selling price. An additional buyer's fee will be added to the cost of each item, to be paid by the buyer, not the consignor. Payment will be made on a monthly and checks can be picked up at the store, we do not call you when your items sell it is your responsibility to check with in with us before the end of your 60 days. We will only cut one check per month upon your request or your credit can be spend in the shop at any time. Credit under $10 must be used as in the shop as we do not write checks under $10.

Note: Items not picked up at the end of 60 days will become property of ANEW without further notice. WE WILL NOT CALL YOU FOR PICK-UP; you are responsible for marking your calendar. If you chose to pick up your items you are responsible for finding them in the shop, we do NOT pull your items for pick up.

>> Please click here: (Anew Consignment Agreement) to download this form.